Nurturing Young Minds

At Feda! we aim to empower families with the tools and knowledge to instill financial literacy in the next generation.

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Fun learning

Combining the thrill of gaming with essential money management skills.Through interactive challenges, rewards and real-life simulation, we empower kids to master financial concepts while having fun

Saving Behaviour

Through  personalized task and challenges . we guide  kids to applyfinancial concepts in real-life scenarios, fostering a deeper understandingand practical skills. with our app children not only learn but develop confidence and responsibility in their financial decisions.

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Parental control & Learning

Parental control is important as well as their learning. On our app, parents are able to learn about the right investments and learn about finance terms

Bit-sized learning

Making financial education fun, accessible and tailored to children’s needs. With short bits engaging lessons, interactive activitiesand real-world simulations

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Starting at
  • Access 1 Account
  • Access to 1 Lesson each of budgeting, saving and investment
  • Assign 1 financial task


Starting at
  • Add 2 account(parent & child)
  • Access to limited Lessons
  • Access to add limited Task

Customer Testimonials

Our very few customer that love us.

I could easily learn about finances and it's a very engaging, platform


Accra  / Ghana

Feda, is a great product, my daughter is able to concentrate and see the value


Accra / Ghana

As a dad i am able to instill in my children the value of money, and the essence of savings, it's greatly appreciated!.


Lagos/ Nigeria

I really appreciate apps like this, where financial education is taught, directly to the kids who's not been included in financial learning and services.


Nairobi/ Kenya
What age range is this app suitable for??

Our app is designed for children aged 6 to 11 years old. However, children of all ages can benefit from early exposure to financial concepts.

What kind of activities and tasks can my child expect to find in the app?

Our app offers a variety of interactive activities, games, and tasks tailored to different age groups. Children can learn about saving, budgeting, earning, and spending money through engaging challenges and simulations.

Is the content in the app aligned with educational standards?

Yes, our content is aligned with common core educational standards and guidelines for financial literacy. We work closely with educators and experts to ensure that our activities meet educational objectives while remaining engaging for children.

How does the app adapt to my child's learning pace and preferences?

Our app utilizes adaptive learning technology to personalize the learning experience for each child. It tracks their progress, identifies areas for improvement, and adjusts the difficulty level of activities accordingly.

Are there any parental controls or safety features in the app?

Yes, our app includes robust parental controls that allow parents to set screen time limits, restrict access to certain features, and monitor their child's interactions within the app. We prioritize the safety and privacy of both children and parents.

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